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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Why the survey?

Amazingly, but in five days we received a hundred emails

and in all of them was the same question:

Why the freaking survey?

Ahh, surveys, we hate it too.
Well, we wrote about that in our previous post, so, I'm gonna quote the answer:

As the server is growing, so is the price to pay for the host.
From first day we were saving our money to pay for the host and it was cool :) , but now as the server is growing incredible FAST
(and we want to fucking keep this rate 
we need a little bit more money.

So we came up with solution- the Survey.
Yes, the survey, the devil's invention.
The survey will be added on download link and this can be up to 1-3 months and after that time passes there will be 

We apologize, but that is the only solution right now,

dcLock crew”

You can read the entire post here:

dcLock crew