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Monday, October 1, 2012

Competition of the Month!

A little surprise for you guys!
We announce the start of this competition!
You can really win some good stuff, just read below!

What do I have to do?

1.You must bring as many people as you can and make them register an account with your USERNAME in the referral field.
2.They must login with that account in our private server at least one time!

One registered account with your nick in referral field and at least one time login in our private server =
1 point.
Only 2 accounts per ip address is allowed!
Proxies, VPNS aren't allowed.

What are the prizes?
There will be 7 persons in total who can win listed prizes bellow:

1.Admin Position
2-3.Items, Characters, cool skins.
4-5.Game gold, not so rare items.
6-7.Other stuff, that will surprise them! :)

So far people who invited the most:

(updated every week)

1. Eger has 4 points
2. xSuzuranx has 3 points
3.Candykill also has 3 points
4.Driper has 2 points


1.You can create only 2 accounts per ip address 
2.You can't use proxies, VPNs
3.Be awesome

We're hoping that more people will join this contest!

Good luck!