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Monday, October 29, 2012

Dc Universe Online private server News, Updates #1

So we have some news. We didn't posted anything recently so it's a good chance to post something
 (he he)

We fixed some bugs, this time in weapons.
Especially in two-weapon and 'his' skills.

Big Scoop skill is now working fine, without any glitches.Yep.Finally.

What was the problem with Big Scoop you may ask?

Eh, probably you're new player or you didn't played past few days in our DCUO private server when this bug was POPULAR and mostly everybody in our server used it.
When you cast Big Scoop, with some skills (it was easy to master, as our player showed, lol)
you could cast such as Arc Lighting or other skills at the SAME TIME. There was a lot of skills you could cast.

Great that this glitch is fixed now. Yeah, sorry that we kept this bug on for a long time, but it took us a while to figure it out.

dcLock crew