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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Some news, some changes

As of last month results things will change a little bit.
We got sad and good news.

Let's start with the dessert.

Day by day, players are coming to play in our server, community is growing, as well the server and our crew gets stronger.
Our methods succeeded and we gathered new players fast, fixed a lot of bugs.

At the end of the last month in our servers were playing more than 1500 players. That's the good news. 
(We didn't surprised ya, did we?)

But lets not forget the bad ones:

As the server is growing, so is the price to pay for the host.
From first day we were saving our money to pay for the host and it was cool :) , but now as the server is growing incredible FAST
(and we want to fucking keep this rate 
we need a little bit more money.

So we came up with solution- the Survey.
Yes, the survey, the devil's invention.
The survey will be added on download link and this can be up to 1-3 months and after that time passes there will be 

We apologize, but that is the only solution right now,

dcLock crew